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Air freight

What applies to sea freight also applies to air freight. We not only arrange project cargo for regular cargo planes, but especially also large project cargos that do not fit into a standard plane. To this end, we charter complete aircrafts through our special network in cargo aviation. If time is a precious element in a project, air freight is the best solution. We find investigate, calculate and coordinate. The sky is the limit for tight project management at Meilink.

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Inland Navigation

Inland shipping offers capacity, is safe and punctual and guarantees reliable transport. It is precisely this modality that optimally suits our specialty: capital goods, project cargo and special cargo. There are various inland shipping options that we are happy to advise you on. From ports in Europe and beyond, we transport your cargo quickly and solidly to exactly the location you have in mind. This is done through strategically chosen transshipment points where other modalities are ready to get everything to its destination.


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